Pressure Vessels

Choon Hin Engineering Works Sdn. Bhd. is a Pressure Vessel Licensed company under DOSH Malaysia as pressure vessel fabricator and repairer and also door manufacturer. We custom design the pressure vessel based on the latest ASME code by taking into consideration of safety measures, cost saving, site condition and ease of maintenance. During manufacturing process, we uphold good quality assurance and quality control in order to produce product in order to meet customer's satisfaction.

Our major clients are from different industries ranging from palm oil mill industries, chemical plants, food industries and etc. Some of our products are: sterilisers (horizontal and vertical), clutch doors, water softeners, sand filters, back pressure receivers, steam headers, reactors, thermal deaerator, vacuum oil dryers, air dryer and etc for different capacity a, different pressure and temperature by using material mild steel, stainless steel or boiler plate depending on the application and customer's budget.